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Tennis Betting Takes the Lead: Canadian Online Sportsbooks Report Rising Trend, a betting portal for online betting in Canada, has observed a shift in Canadian bettor behavior. With a decline in hockey and football bets, tennis-related selections have skyrocketed.

Rise of Online Sportsbooks:

Thanks to the increasing availability of online sportsbooks in Canada, bettors have access to more betting options. Bookmakers are fiercely competing for customers, resulting in better odds and appealing bonuses.

Peak During the Australian Open:

During the Australian Open, tennis betting reached its peak with a 40% rise in tennis-related free bets being promoted. This is a clear indication of the growing interest in tennis betting among Canadians.

Data and Analytics Tools:

With the help of data and analytics tools, bettors can make more informed decisions when betting on tennis matches. These tools enable bettors to analyze previous performance and trends, giving them an advantage over competitors.


The rise of tennis betting in Canada is a clear indication of the changing preferences of Canadian bettors. With more options and better tools, bettors can find value and make informed decisions, leading to a more enjoyable and profitable betting experience.

James Amato

James Amato

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