The five world powers don’t want to involved in a nuclear war

The five world powers have agreed to rein in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and to avoid the threat of a nuclear war in the future. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom and France – said in a joint statement on Monday. All five countries have nuclear weapons. These countries are known as ‘P-5’ for short. News from The Guardian and Reuters.

In a statement, the five world powers said the five countries had a responsibility to avoid the risk of a future nuclear war in the world. These five countries need to work together to avoid the risk of nuclear war with other countries in the world and to establish strategic security. The statement was issued by the Kremlin, Russia’s administrative center, on Monday. The statement of the five world powers agreeing on any issue is unprecedented.

In a statement, the five world powers said in a statement that “nuclear weapons can never be used to win a war.”

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said the joint statement would play a key role in boosting mutual trust and confidence in the five nuclear-armed countries. Competitive relations between them will play a role in changing coordination and cooperation. Recalling China’s “no use first” policy on the use of nuclear weapons, he added that Beijing would use nuclear weapons only if attacked.

The statement quoted the French government as saying that the five world powers had expressed their willingness to curb nuclear weapons. A senior U.S. government official told The Guardian that the five world powers had agreed to the joint statement after months of negotiations. In a time of crisis, the statement showed the way to reduce the risk. According to analysts, relations between the United States and Russia are at a critical juncture since the end of the Cold War. In recent years, Washington and Beijing have been embroiled in intense disputes over bilateral trade, human rights abuses, and Taiwan-Hong Kong.

In such a situation, the consensus and joint statement of the five world powers is very important in mitigating the risk of nuclear war. It will pave the way for a conference to review the NPT agreement on nuclear weapons control. The United States is concerned about the modernization of China’s arsenal. By 2026, China could increase its number of nuclear warheads to 600. And in 2030 it could touch a thousand. A report released by the Pentagon in November states that The United States has repeatedly called on China and Russia to sign a multilateral arms control treaty.

Bilateral relations between Russia and the United States have been rekindled by the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and the threat of military aggression in the country. Last week, US President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about this. Biden told Putin that aggression in Ukraine could lead to sanctions. This will increase the US military presence in Europe. US and Russian officials will meet again on January 10. It may discuss security issues.

China has called on the United States and Russia to reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. At the same time, China has said it will continue its efforts to enrich nuclear weapons. The announcement comes a day after a joint statement issued by five world powers, including China, on reducing the risk of nuclear war.

The United States and Russia have 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons, Fu Kang, director general of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s weapons control division, told reporters on Tuesday. The two countries should reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Only then will the world return to balance.

At the time, Fu Kang added that China would never use nuclear weapons before. This weapon will only be used if attacked. Beijing is pursuing nuclear weapons enrichment to ensure defensive security.

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