The missing Chinese tennis star has been accused of sexual harassment

The country’s tennis star Peng Xuai has been missing since the recent allegations of sexual harassment against former Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli. China’s state-run media has published an e-mail claiming Peng’s writings. Steve Simon, head of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), has expressed doubts about the e-mail. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. News from the BBC.

The e-mail sent to WTA chief Steve Simon was published online by Chinese broadcaster CGTN on Wednesday. It is claimed that the e-mail was written by Peng Suai. He is not missing or insecure. “I am resting at home and everything is fine,” Peng Suai wrote.

The most important part of the e-mail, however, is that the allegations of sexual harassment against Peng Suai Zhang Gaoli are false.

As soon as the e-mail was published online, many people reacted to it on social media. Many have expressed doubts about the authenticity of the e-mail. Some of them mentioned that a typing cursor appears in the screenshot of the e-mail published by CGTN.

Peng Suai, a two-time women’s doubles grand slam winner in her tennis career, made the allegation last November. In a post on Chinese social media Weibo, he alleged that Zhang Gaoli, a former deputy prime minister and leader of the Communist Party, forced him to have sex with him. After this Weibo post from Peng, the internet started to fight in China. This is the first time such allegations have been made against a top politician of the country.

Accused Zhang Gaoli is now 65 years old. He was the Deputy Prime Minister of China from 2013 to 2016. Zhang is close to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Peng Suai’s post on Weibo has now been deleted and he has not been seen or spoken to in public since.

Since then, WTA and tennis world leaders have been speaking out in favor of Peng Suai. Reacting immediately after the e-mail was released on Wednesday, WTA chief Steve Simon said the e-mail he received only raised concerns about Peng’s safety and location.

In a statement, the WTA chief said: “I have a hard time believing that the e-mail we received was actually written by Peng Suai. He has to prove to the WTA and the rest of the world that he is safe and independent. ”

He added that allegations of sexual harassment by Peng Suai must be investigated with full transparency and without censorship. Women need to be heard and respected, not censored or instructed. ”

Peng Suai has twice won a grand slam in the women’s doubles in her tennis career. The first time at Wimbledon in 2013 and the second time at the Roland Garros tournament in 2014. Twice his Grand Slam-winning partner was Taiwan’s popular tennis star, Su-Wei.

The tennis star’s Weibo post is one of the most recent #Mitu allegations of sexual harassment in China. In 2016, Zhou Shiajuan, a popular TV presenter, made such an allegation in an online article. His allegations were against Zhu Jan, another TV personality in the country.

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