The new ambassadors of the Taliban and Myanmar are not getting a place in the UN

The new ambassadors of Afghanistan and Myanmar are currently unable to represent the United Nations. The UN Credentials Committee met on Wednesday to decide who would represent the two countries. Such a decision has been taken from that meeting.

Reuters quoted Anna Karin Anestrom, the committee’s panel chair and Sweden’s ambassador to the United Nations, as saying after the meeting that representatives of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Myanmar’s military junta were not being allowed to represent them at the UN. However, Anna Karin did not comment on whether the previous government’s ambassadors to the UN would represent Afghanistan and Myanmar.

The Taliban has been in power in Afghanistan since the government was overthrown this year, and the junta has been in power in Myanmar. New representatives were then appointed by these two governments and the appointment of representatives of the previous government was canceled. If the UN recognizes the new envoys, the Taliban and the junta are expected to take a step forward in gaining international recognition. But the UN did not allow that to happen. However, since coming to power, the Taliban and the junta government of Myanmar have been working hard to gain international recognition.

The number of member countries of the UN Credentials Committee is 9. This includes Russia, China and the United States. Sweden is currently chairing the committee. The meeting was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA. The current 7th session of the UN General Assembly discussed the membership of 193 member states.

A number of UN diplomats had earlier indicated to Reuters that this was the case. They said the committee could further delay its decision on representation in Afghanistan and Myanmar.

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