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The Royal Enfield motorcycle sold out in 120 seconds

Royal Enfield is a traditional UK motorcycle brand. The motorcycle manufacturer is celebrating its 120th birth anniversary. On this occasion, two models were brought to the market in India. And this ‘Anniversary Edition’ sold out in 2 minutes; 120 per second. Here, too, is the number 120. And this proved once again the demand for Royal Enfield in India.

The famous motorcycle Royal Enfield has launched the 650 Twin Anniversary Edition in India. Sold out in just 120 seconds. And as a result, a new record was born. On the occasion of the 120th birth anniversary of Royal Enfield, the company launched two motorcycles of 70 Interceptor INT 650 and 60 Continental GT 640 models. This special edition was released by Royal Enfield for sale in only 480 units in 70 countries around the world. Of these, 120 units are released in the Indian market. These motorcycles sold out in just 120 seconds in India.

On December 6, Royal Enfield decided to sell two special editions of the two models. The condition was, if you come first, you can get it earlier. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few.

The tanks are made of high cast brass in two new models. In addition, there are hand-painted pinstrips in this special edition. The tank also has special badges. There are special decals on the side body panel. Each delicate design has been painted in gold.
Many consider Royal Enfield as an Indian brand. Even Indians think of it as their own product. This motorcycle is so ingrained in Indian culture that not many people know that its brand ownership is not Indian. The main roots of Royal Enfield are in the United Kingdom. The company’s popularity and sales increased after coming to India. This traditional motorcycle brand is more than 120 years old. It is said that those who run Royal Enfield have a special status in the society.

Although the first motor vehicle was built in 1896, the Royal Enfield motorcycle journey began in 1901. Royal Enfield brings a new twist to the new century. Entrepreneur Bob Walker Smith built the first motorcycle with another French entrepreneur, Jules Goethe.

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