The Saudi prince is now the ‘uncrowned’ king

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is now doing everything from welcoming foreign leaders to Saudi Arabia to leading various regional conferences. On the other hand, King Salman of the eighties in Saudi Arabia is gradually going into hiding. As a result, even though he has not been officially given the responsibility, the prince is becoming the ‘crownless’ king of Saudi Arabia. This was stated in an analysis by the news agency AFP.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia is now about 7 years old. He is worried about his health. He no longer appears in public. His son, 38-year-old Prince Mohammed bin Salman, now handles all important tasks for his father. He attended various important meetings on behalf of the king. He does the work of welcoming eminent persons.

In June 2016, Prince Mohammed bin Salman was nominated as the next successor to the throne. Ever since then, he has been considered the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is now seen meeting with various foreign leaders. He met with French President Emmanuel Macho in early December.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman chaired the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit last Tuesday. The annual conference was usually led by King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He also did the work of welcoming the foreign guests who came to the conference. However, he is no longer seen in these programs.

Yasmin Farooq of the Carnegie Endowment for International Pitch told AFP that in the past, when the Saudi monarch was ill, the prince would have presided over various meetings instead. Yuvraj used to hold meetings with the presidents of different countries. However, what is new now is that the king’s role is being strongly publicized in the state and in the media, even after the king has fulfilled all his responsibilities.

King Salman has been living in Niamey since the Corona epidemic broke out. The mega city is located on the Red Sea.

In March 2020, King Salman met with the then Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Dominic Raab in Riyadh. This was King Salman’s last meeting with a foreign leader. He last visited abroad in January 2020. He went to Oman to offer his condolences on the death of Sultan Qaboos.

Yuvraj wants to establish himself as a liberal. He is bringing various reforms in the Saudi society. Women are allowed to drive cars and do government jobs. Entertainment centers have been set up in different parts of the country for entertainment.

Yuvraj opens Saudi door for tourists and foreign investors With this move, he is trying to diversify the economy of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter.

In addition to these changes, Yuvraj has been accused of arresting dissidents in Saudi Arabia and suppressing citizens’ freedom of speech.
The 2016 assassination of journalist Jamal Khasogi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, severely damaged the international image of Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Yuvraj has become much closer to Israel than King Salman. He has allowed Israeli aircraft to fly over Saudi airspace.
Christine Dewan, an expert at the Arab Golf Institute, a Washington-based think tank, thinks the prince is benefiting from King Salman’s longevity. The youthful and unconventional steps that Yuvraj is taking are nowhere to be seen.

Recently, King Salman gave a speech on television about the country’s budget. However, Saudi officials did not say why he did not attend Tuesday’s conference.

Ali Shihabi, an adviser to the Saudi government, claimed that King Salman was healthy. In a tweet last Wednesday, he said reliable sources had confirmed that the king was doing very well. He is exercising every day. However, he is 6 years old. At this age he feels uncomfortable wearing a mask. Apart from that, he has a habit of shaking hands to greet people. For these reasons, extra precautions are being taken to keep him safe. He has been kept away from risky state jobs.

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