Twenty-five people die of alcohol poisoning in Turkey

At least 25 people have died in Turkey after drinking poisonous alcohol. These deaths occurred in different parts of the country this week. Of these, 6 died in the tourist city of Istanbul. The incident took place amid rising tensions over adulterated wine production in the country due to high tariffs on wine production.

The country’s Islamist president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, discouraged drinking. In addition, due to the increase in the amount of tariffs on alcohol in the country, the production of adulterated alcohol has increased. A one-liter bottle of Rocky brand liquor costs 250 lira or সাড়ে 18.50 in the country’s supermarkets.

Turkey’s Interior Ministry said police had raided 342 locations since the incident. They seized more than 30,000 liters of poisonous and counterfeit liquor.

Methanol is sometimes mixed with alcohol. This makes it more toxic. This methanol is the most crude phase of the spirit, which is used in many factories.

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