Only 49,904 Volvo cars sales in June 2022

This year, Volvo company sale has been down as per the reports only 49,904 cars were sold in June which is 2.5% lesser as compared to the sale last year June. However, It doesn’t have any bad impact on the company’s demand as people still want to have their electrified cars.

However, the main reason for lower sales this year is the current lockdown in China due to which a shortage of a few components occurs that affects the production of plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Although, there are marked improvements in the overall manufacturing of Volvo cars. Moreover, Volvo cars predicated that the deliveries of their electric and plug-in hybrids will remain affected in the third quarter too.

From January till June of 2022 almost 291,301 cars have been sold which is 23.5% less as compared to the same duration last year. During this period, the total sales of electric cars were 7.6% which is 3 times more as compared to last year.

Almost 32.3 or you can say every other car sold from January to June 2022 was either electric or plug-in hybrid. Furthermore, the rate of subscribers has increased to 122% as compared to 2021 and during the first six months of 2022, the online sale of Volvo cars has increased to 86% as compared to last year. Due to different offers in the market, their demand has increased which boosts the growth eventually.

In Europe, 16, 039 cars were sold in June which is 44.1% down as compared to last year’s same month. Almost 33.8% of recharged cars have been sold in the region during June.

In the US, 8,434 Volvo cars were sold, 31.2% down from last year. However, the recharge models among them were 25.1%.

In China, a 1.3% decline occur in sales and 16,468 cars has been sold this year in June.

The top-selling model of June was XC60 and 18,275 cars of this model have been sold while 10,194 XC40 cars and 9,949 XC90 cars were sold in 2022 June.

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