What is the US campaign against the manufacturer of eavesdropping software?

NSO Group, a company that sells e-mail technology over the phone, has come under discussion this year. The fact that such technology is not being handed over to the appropriate authorities is evident in the activities of this Israeli organization.

Such actions have been made public for the benefit of the joint investigation of Amnesty International and a number of media outlets. They brought the matter to the fore last July.

After searching the companies, it was said that the NSO group had handed over their software to the authoritarian governments of different countries. Using the software, Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khasogir’s close associates, human rights activists, journalists, and opposition politicians have intercepted his phone calls.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The NSO said they did not intercept the phones of Khasogir’s relatives. The NSO has also promised to investigate. They also promised that if the government of any country investigates any of the incidents, the Israeli organization will cooperate.

The NSO Group’s debate over Pegasus software has been going on for years. As of November, the administration of US President Joe Biden has taken action against the organization. The US government blacklisted NSO. The US Department of Commerce alleges that the NSO’s actions are against its foreign policy and national security interests. In November, the US Department of Commerce imposed sanctions on two other e-commerce companies.

Such a move by the United States against any Israeli organization is unusual. The NSO also said it was “disappointed” by the Biden administration’s actions. The NSO has developed technology that supports US national security interests and policies to prevent terrorism and crime.

But this December, the debate over NSO started again. The Reuters news agency reported that the phones of at least nine US State Department officials had been hacked using espionage software developed by the Israeli organization. In addition, a number of U.S. lawmakers have written to the Treasury and the State Department urging the NSO and its top executives to be banned under the Global Magnitsky Act (a law that alleges human rights abuses). Will be confiscated and that person will not be able to enter the United States).

Another piece of information about the NSO group came to light this week. According to the Washington Post, a forensic analysis by CitizenLab, a Toronto-based Canadian organization, found that Khasogi’s mobile phone had been hacked just a month before he was killed.

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