TWN Communications Officially Introduced TWN Professional Services Group To Drive Broadband Offering

TWN Communication has announced that the company has officially introduced the TWN Professional Services Group to drive Broadband offering. The broadband service provider will assist in installing the TWN communication for rural electric cooperatives.

The company has got the collectible 300 years of experience in areas of public policy advocacy, state communications law, regulations, broadband provider and advanced technology for business operations. The company has also partnered with the well-seasoned industry experts to facilitate their transition into broadband services.

TWN is a leading United States based Broadband Service Provider company.

The company has got years of valuable experience in installing and managing broadband services. The company engages different industries with on-call advice, focused subject matter as well as customer engagements to release and issue white papers and advisories.

Chief Financial Officer of Mohave Electric Cooperative in Arizona, Ardie Lauxman said, “Having a resource to call upon is crucial for co-ops trying to navigate the complex world of broadband deployment. TWN Professional Services has helped us every step of the way with our state and federal funding applications. The team’s expertise and depth of knowledge with the legal, technical and financial aspects of these applications and their ability to coordinate all of these aspects together have made the application processes as seamless as possible.”

“Rural electric cooperatives seek to bring critical broadband services to their membership without exposing the co-op to significant financial risk. State and federal legislatures and regulatory authorities are actively pursuing, and eager to support, low-risk solutions to the rural digital divide dilemma. TWN-PS experts are well-equipped to identify, explain and assist in developing strategies and making use of governmental assistance programs to achieve these common goals.”

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