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Donald Castillo (Editor-in-Chief and Author):

About Donald:

Donald Castillo, a seasoned professional in the world of journalism, takes the helm as Editor-in-Chief at News Billion. With a rich background in media and a penchant for delivering compelling narratives, Donald brings a wealth of experience to our dynamic team.

Editorial Leadership:

As the Editor-in-Chief, Donald oversees and guides the editorial direction of News Billion, ensuring a seamless flow of high-quality content across all categories. His editorial expertise is rooted in years of experience at the editorial helm of prominent news organizations, where he honed his skills in curating, editing, and presenting news stories with accuracy and impact.

Authorship Across Categories:

Donald wears multiple hats, not just as an editorial leader but also as a prolific author contributing across all categories. His comprehensive understanding of diverse subjects enables him to deliver thought-provoking insights and analyses in Business, News, Technology, and Entertainment.

Business Maven:

In the Business realm, Donald Castillo brings his strategic acumen and financial insights to unravel the complexities of market trends and corporate landscapes.

News Maestro:

As a News maestro, Donald’s dedication to unbiased reporting and in-depth analysis ensures that our readers stay well-informed about the latest happenings across the globe.

Tech Enthusiast:

In the realm of Technology, Donald explores cutting-edge advancements, offering a profound perspective on innovations and gadget reviews.

Entertainment Aficionado:

As an Entertainment aficionado, Donald adds a vibrant touch to our diverse content offerings, providing engaging insights into movies, music, celebrity news, and cultural trends.

Connect with Donald:

Brian Cloutier (Business):

About Brian:

Brian Cloutier is the seasoned expert at the helm of our Business category, blending his extensive expertise with a solid educational foundation. Holding a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School, Brian has honed his analytical skills and business acumen over the years.

Professional Journey:

With a career spanning over 15 years, Brian’s journey in the business world began with executive roles at notable corporations such as Goldman Sachs and later as the Chief Financial Officer at a leading Fortune 500 company. His commitment to staying ahead of market trends, coupled with a keen understanding of financial intricacies, positions him as a go-to source for insightful analyses.

Connect with Brian:

For collaborations, business insights, or discussions on market trends, connect with Brian at [email protected].


Richard Hibbitts (News):

About Richard:

Richard Hibbitts is the linchpin of our News category, driven by a passion for journalism and a solid educational background. Richard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University, where he cultivated the skills that define his impactful career in reporting.

Journalistic Prowess:

With a commitment to journalistic integrity, Richard has been on the frontline of reporting for over a decade. His career includes roles at major news outlets such as The New York Times and CNN, where he covered critical global events. His ability to distill complex information into accessible narratives showcases the depth of his journalistic prowess.

Connect with Richard:

For news tips, investigative collaborations, or discussions on journalism, connect with Richard at [email protected].


James Hudson (Technology):

About James:

James Hudson, our Technology guru, is at the forefront of the tech industry, combining a passion for innovation with a strong educational background. James holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, a hub for technological advancements.

Tech Enthusiast:

James’s journey in the tech world is marked by a genuine enthusiasm for cutting-edge advancements. His educational background at Stanford provides a solid foundation for exploring the latest innovations and understanding the underlying principles of technology.

Connect with James:

For tech-related inquiries, discussions on innovations, or collaborations, connect with James at [email protected].


Eloisa Anders (Entertainment):

About Eloisa:

Eloisa Anders, our Entertainment aficionado, infuses our Entertainment category with her passion for culture and a solid educational background. Eloisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from UCLA, where she explored the intersection of media, culture, and society.

Cultural Connoisseur:

Eloisa’s academic journey laid the foundation for her deep appreciation of cultural phenomena. Her educational background in media studies allows her to approach entertainment reporting with a nuanced understanding of its broader societal impact.

Connect with Eloisa:

For entertainment collaborations, cultural discussions, or to share your thoughts on the latest in the entertainment world, connect with Eloisa at [email protected].