Israeli ambassador escapes after chasing by students in London

GP Hotovli, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, fled the scene after chasing university students in London.

The students said that such solidarity with the Palestinians around the world would send a message to Israel that their crimes would one day be brought to justice.

Students from all international organizations called for the expulsion of Israeli representatives.

Students at the London School of Economics then began chanting anti-Israel slogans in support of the oppressed Palestinians.

Pro-Palestinian students have called the Israeli ambassador a racist and a crime against humanity. “Israel is a terrorist state,” they told the ambassador. Aren’t you ashamed of it?

The Israeli ambassador could not stay in the face of student protests. He rushed to the spot with the help of security forces.

Video clips of her escape from university have spread through social media. It shows the frightened Israeli ambassador speeding into the car. He is surrounded by members of the security forces.

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