IBM on the way to making quantum computers

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has unveiled an advanced quantum processor as part of its efforts to build high-speed or superfast computers.

IBM claims that this device can bring a revolution in the world of computing. Utilizing the strange world of quantum physics, it will be able to solve problems beyond the reach of the most advanced computer.

According to the BBC, there are a number of obstacles to building a large-scale quantum computer suitable for practical use. As a result, quantum computers are still in the laboratory.

IBM’s new chip called ‘Eagle’ is 128 cubits; Which is twice the speed of their previous processor. Qubits or quantum bits are the most basic unit of information in a quantum computer.

IBM has called the new Eagle processor an important milestone in the development of practical quantum computers. But a quantum computing expert says more detailed information is needed to assess the significant advances in this computer.

Interest in quantum computers has grown in recent years as computing power (the mathematical calculation of computers) has become hugely promising. Using this computer, aspects like detection of new materials, development of drugs or artificial intelligence can be improved.

Quantum computers can also capture very fine behavior of matter in strange ways. The unit of information in a classic or traditional computer is called a bit. Its value is taken as 1 or 0. But in quantum systems qubits can be one or zero at the same time.

Researchers have been trying to build quantum computers for decades. They are promising that such computers will be far ahead in terms of speed. In binary system only two numbers are 80 and 1. Today’s computers do all kinds of work with this number system. However, 0 and 1 cannot be represented at the same time. Quantum computer is ahead in this place.

The Eagle processor is based on IBM’s 75-cubit hummingbird unveiled in 2020 and the 26-cubit Falcon in 2019.

Quantum computers have many advantages. It does not solve too many mathematical problems. According to scientists, the quantum computer will be able to solve all the complex problems that traditional computers struggle to solve in a jiffy. As a result, quantum computers can revolutionize everything from the pharmaceutical industry to the oil industry. In particular, complex mathematical problems in physics and chemistry can be solved quickly. New drugs will be made. The commercial algorithm of financial institutions can be further improved. Even the earliest forms of artificial intelligence that scientists are working on can be improved.

Dario Gill, IBM’s senior vice president and director of research, said the Eagle processor is a big step forward for quantum computers. It will surpass the traditional computer in the necessary work. Quantum computing has the potential to transform almost every sector and help us tackle the biggest problems of our time.

Earlier in 2019, Google announced the 53 qubit Sekamor quantum processor. At that time, they demanded to achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’ for the first time. In other words, Google claims to surpass all conventional computers in terms of computing calculations or performance considerations. A research article on the subject was published in the journal Nature.

When an organization or a country can solve those complex problems in a very short time with the help of Quantum Computer, then it can be said that they have achieved Quantum Supremacy.

Google claims that it will take 10,000 years for the world’s best supercomputer to complete the specific task that Sekamor’s Quantum Processor is capable of doing in 200 seconds.

However, in 2019, IBM scientists questioned some of Google’s statistics and its definition of quantum superiority.

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