Steps taken by U.S. Government to increase employment

Last October, 5 lakh 31 thousand new jobs were created in the United States. And this has reduced the unemployment rate to 4.6. The number of industrial workers has increased in the United States since last September. In addition, many employers have raised wages in October, which has had a positive effect on the labor market. Although corona delta variants have reduced the number of staff recruits in the summer, the situation is now becoming normal as the incidence has decreased. This information came up in a report of BBC Online.

Even two months ago, the tendency of workers to return to work decreased due to various reasons including the infection of Delta variant. As a result, many industries are facing labor crisis. Many start raising wages to attract and retain workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average private sector wage rose 11 cents to দশ 30.96 an hour in October. However, even though the average income has increased by 4.9 percent compared to last year, there is no profit for inflation. The inflation rate in the country is now 5.4.

President Joe Biden said the employment situation is now better than expected. He said unemployment was lower this year than in any other year since 1950. 1 lakh 64 thousand jobs have been added in leisure and hospitality sector. The amount of employment in the private sector including business services, manufacturing is good. However, the situation has not yet returned to normal. The country has more than 4 million fewer jobs than before the epidemic. At present 84 lakh people are out of work.

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