Dollars scattered on the streets of San Diego

The road is full of dollars. Some notes are flying. Seeing such a scene, many passengers on the road could not resist the greed. They stopped the car and started collecting dollars. Upon receiving the news, the police rushed to the spot. Please do not pick up the notes. Some responded to police requests, but many fled with the collected dollars. One such scene is on a road in San Diego County, California, USA. News AFP.

The video, which was spread on social media, showed people stumbling on the road, picking up dollars in disarray. Someone was seen throwing notes at the sky to express joy.

California Highway Patrol Sergeant Curtis Martin told a news conference that he had enough video and evidence to show that people were stealing money from the road. He said thousands of notes were scattered on the streets. They are owned by a bank. He also said that those who picked up dollars from the streets must hand them over to the police station.

Posting the video on Instagram, Demibagby wrote, ‘Have you ever seen anything like this before? What would you do? ‘

Police have warned that those who do not hand over the collected dollars will be identified by looking at the footage. “We need to identify the people involved and return the notes before we knock on their door,” said Curtis Martin.

Police have so far arrested two people in the incident. The two men planned to flee after picking up dollars scattered on the streets. However, they could not escape as they locked the car by mistake.

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