The aircraft that will fly 623 km per hour

Sky communication system is entering a new era of speed. The speed of the newly built aircraft is 623 kilometers per hour. Unbelievable but it has become a reality. The Rolls-Royce was built by a British company.

According to the British media BBC, the aircraft made by Rolls-Royce is electric. It has been named ‘Spirit of Innovation’. A statement from the organization said, “We believe that the world’s fastest aircraft is the Spirit of Innovation. It’s going to record three new ones. Information on this flight has been sent to the World Air Sports Federation.

The World Air Sports Federation recognizes aeronautical and astronomical records. According to their information, the speed of Spirit of Innovation was tested on November 18. During this flight, it flew 3 kms at a speed of 599.9 kms and flew 15 kms at a speed of 532.1 kms. The test was conducted at the testing site of the United Kingdom Department of Defense. The pilot who piloted the aircraft was Phil O’Dell. He is also the director of flight operations. “It’s a significant moment in my career,” he said. It’s an unforgettable achievement for the whole team. ”

According to Rolls-Royce, this time the speed is 213 kilometers more than the previous record. Earlier in 2016, this record was set by Siemens e-aircraft. It’s not just the speed that has set new records. The highest flight has also been recorded. The aircraft also broke the record of going at an altitude of three thousand meters.

Commenting on the new breakthrough, Rolls-Royce chief executive Warren East said the engine would help the aircraft achieve its goal of reducing carbon emissions.

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