Women’s can not watch dramas on Afghan television

The Taliban government has unveiled a new “religious policy” in Afghanistan. The policy provides new guidelines for television channels. It has been said that women cannot be shown in dramas or any other program.

The directives were issued by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Ethics on Sunday, the AFP news agency reported. This is the first time since coming to power this year that the Taliban have imposed sanctions on the Afghan media.

According to the ministry’s new policy, women journalists are required to wear hijab when covering news. No film or program with a religious character can be aired on television. In addition, programs that go against Islam and Afghan ideology have been banned.

Meanwhile, after the issuance of the policies, it spread across the social media on Sunday. “These are not laws, but religious principles,” ministry spokesman Hakif Mohajir told AFP.

In the last 20 years before the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, the media, including Afghan TV channels, have made great strides. After 2001, a number of TV channels and radio stations were established under the then Western-backed Afghan government. All the different programs were broadcast there. The song competition was organized in the style of ‘American Idol’. Music videos were broadcast. Apart from this, several serials from Turkey and India were also aired on these televisions.

But before that the situation was completely different. From 1996 to 2001, the Taliban imposed restrictions on various forms of entertainment. At that time there was no media. The Taliban government has banned most forms of entertainment, including television and movies.

The Taliban also imposed penalties for violating the ban. If anyone was caught watching television, they would be punished. The television was also smashed. And if someone found a video player, the punishment was flogging in public.

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