China will not threaten small countries

A virtual conference has been held between China and ASEAN, an alliance of South Asian countries. However, there was no Myanmar representative at the conference held on Monday. Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah told the media. News, Reuters.

Saifuddin said China had been told about the presence of a Myanmar delegation on Sunday, the day before the conference. However, there was no immediate word from Myanmar on the matter.

The conference marks the 30th anniversary of China’s engagement with ASEAN, according to a Reuters report. At the summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping told the leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries that China would not threaten its smaller neighbors.

In recent times, Beijing has had maritime tensions with several Southeast Asian countries. A warning was also sent to Tokyo from Washington.

However, Xi Jinping said that Beijing would never allow China to dominate small countries. China has always been, is and will be a good friend, neighbor and partner of ASEAN.

China has disputes over the South China Sea with ASEAN members Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia.

On Thursday, the Philippines said three Chinese Coast Guard ships blocked two Philippine boats and used water cannons. Two Philippine boats were carrying essential supplies for their troops on a shelf in the South China Sea. But they have to go back because of Chinese obstruction.

Last Friday, the United States called the incident “dangerous, provocative and unreasonable.” The United States has warned that an armed attack on a Philippine ship would activate a bilateral defense agreement.

Referring to the seizure of the boat at a conference hosted by China, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he “hated” such disputes. The only way to resolve these disputes is through the rule of law. He cited a 2016 ruling by the International Court of Arbitration that said Beijing’s claim to the South China Sea had no legal basis.

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