Millions died of Covid-19 in Germany

The death toll from the epidemic has risen to more than 100,000 amid a worrying rise in coronavirus infections in Germany. In the last 24 hours, 300 people have died in Corona in the country. In this European country, the number of deaths in Corona stood at 1 million 226 people.

Germany’s healthcare system is improved. The country’s politicians are being criticized for increasing the number of coronavirus deaths and infections in that country. Due to the reluctance of the central government and the 18 state governments to take a single decision and delay in taking steps to control the coronavirus, various sanctions are believed to be failing to control the infection.

In this situation, 530 doctors in the southern German city of Rosenheim have warned the German people about the infection by advertising in local newspapers. Physicians said in a statement that the rapid spread of the coronavirus would soon lead to a lack of advanced treatment to save lives. Gernot Marks, president of the Association for Intensive Care Medicine, says the Corona situation is no longer under control and that many clinics in Germany have accepted patients in excess of capacity.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a meeting of her Christian Democratic Party’s policymakers yesterday, “We are in a very difficult situation. The current situation proves that the measures we took earlier to prevent coronavirus infection were not enough. ”

Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly expressed frustration with the decision of state governments and the failure to take a single decision across Germany to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In a special session of the German parliament, the Bundestag, the infection protection law was changed last Thursday in the wake of the Corona crisis. This law will be in force from Thursday to March 19, 2022. Under the new law, the 3G rule will be introduced (vaccine recipients, coronary infection relief and negative testing for infection). This rule will apply to workplace and bus, train, and educational institutions.

However, many have expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the 3G rule in preventing coronavirus infections.

Professor Lothar Villa, director of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases Research Center in Germany, recommends mandatory vaccinations and local lockdowns in high-risk areas. Michelle Halek, head of the intensive care medicine department at Cologne University Hospital, said the new law was not enough to prevent infection. “While we have had many successes in the fight against the epidemic, the lack of decision-making by politicians has made it difficult for a country with an improved health care system to control the coronavirus,” he said.

In the last 24 hours, 54,126 people across Germany have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

German Health Minister Ian Spaann has sharply criticized people who are reluctant to receive the corona vaccine. “There are still some people who do not believe that the virus can harm them,” he said. The corona vaccine has proven to be safe and highly effective in fighting the epidemic. Even then, many adults are reluctant to take it.’

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