Additional dose of vaccine to prevent omicron: Pfizer

Ticker booster doses of Pfizer and Bioentech provide effective protection against coronary ammonia type. At the end of a short-term study, the two organizations reported that the same amount of protection that two doses of tick came with against other types of corona would require the same amount of protection to get the same protection.

According to the BBC, scientists have reported that the genetic mutation of ammonia has been the most common among the various types of corona. They feared that the conventional vaccine might not be effective in the new case. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that the vaccines will work to prevent serious physical complications after exposure to ammonia.

Pfizer chief executive Albert Borla issued a statement Wednesday about the booster dose. There, he said, an extra dose of ticker would increase protection against amoxicillin. To prevent the spread of corona, it is important to ensure that people are given the full dose of the vaccine as much as possible. There is also a booster dose as the best way.

However, Pfizer and Bioentech said the results of the study were preliminary. They are gathering more information about this. The effectiveness of Corona’s research on the global situation is also being examined. Earlier, Pfizer-Bioentech said it was developing a separate vaccine for the amicron type. If approved, it will come on the market within 100 days.

Pfizer-Bioentech and South African scientists recently conducted two separate studies on amicron. Both studies have shown that the vaccine provides less protection against antimicrobials than previous types of corona.

In the meantime, Pfizer-Bioentech has spoken of hope. They say that taking a third dose of the vaccine increases the amount of antibodies in the body by 25 percent. As a result, two doses of the vaccine used to have the same protection as before, but now three doses will give the same protection against amoxicillin.

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