Australian minister upset over spiders

The Minister for Health in the Australian state of Queensland, Eve, was speaking at a press conference on the situation. At one point in his speech, a journalist caught his attention. He said, “Minister, a big spider is walking on your body.”

As seen in the video published on the BBC website, the minister first tried to find the spider by looking down at his feet. After that he started speaking calmly again. He said, ‘Okay, can someone help me move the spider a little bit?’ Some of his colleagues came forward to look for the spider. And the minister continued to speak in a normal manner.

The health minister joked to reporters, “Let me continue talking. This will show how much I can control the situation. I don’t like the Huntsman spider (big spider), but trying to stay normal. I’m trying to make it look like I have no spiders. Someone else will take care of it. But let me know if it comes close to my face. ‘

The chief health officer of the Eve Dar office also came forward to assist him. Then one of the eve calls and shows that the spider is at his feet. He also looked at his feet and saw a spider. At the end of so much noise, the spider moved away.

Then Eve laughed and said, “She’s scared.”

The Australian minister joked, “Let’s get both Covid and Huntsman at the same time.”

Then they went back to the main discussion of the press conference.

The Huntsman spider is a large spider in the Sparasidae family. Its legs can grow up to 15 centimeters (6 inches). Although they are poisonous, they do not bite easily. And for this reason, these spiders are not considered dangerous.

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