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Darwin CX Hires Andrew Conti as Chief Sales Officer

Darwin CX, a SaaS provider for the subscription and membership economies, has announced the hiring of Andrew Conti to fill the newly created position of Chief Sales Officer (CSO). With over 35 years of experience in marketing and sales, Conti is expected to lead Darwin’s push to become the pre-eminent technology platform in the subscription economy.


The decision to bring Conti on board was a natural one for Darwin, according to CEO Laas Turnbull, who described the new CSO as “an experienced and well-respected leader in the industry.” Conti’s extensive network of connections, from publishers to associations to consultants, made him an ideal fit for the position.


Conti comes to Darwin CX from Williamsport, PA-based Publishers Service Associates (PSA), a high-touch fulfillment services and outbound call center firm serving the publishing and association industries, and previous to that CWC Software, Inc., which provides software to publishing clients.


The Grand Vision of Darwin CX


Conti’s belief in Darwin’s grand vision and product roadmap was a key factor in his decision to join the company. He said that the Darwin platform gives publishers many opportunities to increase services, gain marketing insights, and bolster profits in so many ways. He compared the platform to a Bentley car, powerful, sophisticated, and full of intuitive features and next-gen functionality, such as an AI-driven account deduplication module and voice-to-text transcription capabilities to better support customers’ call centers.


Darwin’s all-in monthly pricing model puts it more in line with the pricing of a newly leased Ford than a Bentley. The platform is revolutionizing the subscription and membership industries, according to Conti.


Fast-Growing Team at Darwin CX


Conti joins the fast-growing team of top talent at Darwin, including recently appointed Chief Operating Officer, Cateryn Kiernan, and CFO, Jon Soucy. Darwin’s executive team has over 150 years of combined industry expertise, including co-founders Laas Turnbull and Michael Smith, Executive Chairman Liam Lynch, Vice-Chair Richard Jacobsen, General Counsel Christopher Bedor, and Chief of Staff Toby McCoy.


With a team of this caliber, Darwin is poised for continued success in the subscription and membership economies. The company’s dedication to the publishing and association industries, coupled with its cutting-edge technology platform, makes it a force to be reckoned with in the industry.





The hiring of Andrew Conti as Chief Sales Officer at Darwin CX is a significant move for the company. With his extensive experience in marketing and sales and his impressive network of connections, Conti is expected to play a key role in helping Darwin become the leading technology platform in the subscription economy.


Darwin’s dedication to the publishing and association industries, combined with its cutting-edge technology platform and all-in monthly pricing model, make it a formidable competitor in the industry. With a talented and experienced executive team, the company is poised for continued success in the years to come.

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