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Donors agree to release funds from Afghanistan

International donors have agreed to transfer ৮ 260 million from frozen funds in Afghanistan to two UN agencies. The World Bank has announced that donors have agreed to release funds from the fund. News from the BBC.

Afghanistan is in an extreme humanitarian and economic crisis. The crisis has intensified since the Taliban came to power in August, with funding cut off. The World Food Program (WFP) has warned that more than half of Afghans are at risk of severe hunger. 3 million children in the country are now suffering from malnutrition. This is the situation in Afghanistan due to severe drought. The situation has worsened since the Taliban came to power and decided to cut off Western funding.

Western powers are reluctant to recognize the Taliban government. The United States and several other countries have blocked Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves at হাজার 1 trillion. Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are not allowing Afghanistan to withdraw money from their funds.

The WFP says 23 million people in Afghanistan need emergency food aid. The agency calls it the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The money, to be released from the World Bank-controlled Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, will be transferred to two UN agencies, the WFP and UNICEF. Of this 10 ​​million will go to UNICEF and 160 million to the WFP, according to the World Bank.

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