Embassy tweet about arrears of salary, statement from Pakistan government

The Pakistani embassy in Serbia has tweeted criticizing the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. The embassy’s official Twitter account claimed that he had not received his three-month arrears. Two hours after the tweet, Pakistan’s foreign ministry issued a statement claiming that the embassy’s account had been hacked.

This was reported in a report of Pakistan’s Daily Dawn. The embassy’s tweet was deleted following the foreign ministry’s statement.

A Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman claimed in a tweet that the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Pakistani embassy in Serbia had been hacked. No messages posted from these accounts are from the Serbian-Pakistani embassy. ‘

The embassy later said the account had been hacked. The baseless tweet was made via a computer from Karachi, Pakistan.

Earlier, a tweet from the embassy’s verified account said, “Inflation has broken all previous records. How long will we government employees remain silent about Imran Khan’s government? I have not received salary for three months, I am still working. Our children are not able to go to school because they cannot pay the fees. Is this the new Pakistan? ‘Another tweet said,’ I’m sorry Imran Khan, I had no choice.

The embassy authorities later issued a statement saying the tweet was not given on their behalf. The statement said, “The Twitter account of the Pakistani embassy in Belgrade, Serbia has been hacked. The account was hacked and the tweet was made from a computer in Karachi. The tweet was not made by the embassy.

The statement further said, “Tweet is a baseless and unrealistic claim regarding arrears of salary. It’s a complete lie and has little in common with reality. “

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