Footprints of dinosaurs 200 million years old

Dinosaur footprints have been found on Penarth Beach in Wales, UK. Experts believe that the impressions are more than 200 million years old. News from CNN.

Fossils at the Natural History Museum in London suggest that the footprints date back to the Triassic period. Their idea is that these are saropods or dinosaurs of this genus. The earliest dinosaurs to roam the earth were saropods.

The museum’s paleontologist Susanna Meidment said the first dinosaurs of the Saropod tribe lived in Britain during the Triassic. Cametolia bones have been found in the Somerset area of ​​the country before. The earliest dinosaurs of the genus Cametolia saropod.

These ancient dinosaur footprints were found in 2020. The impressions were sent to Susanna Meidment and her colleague Paul Barrett at the time. At first they had doubts about them. Later its authenticity can be confirmed.

The search for such dinosaur footprints is unmatched in the world, said Paul Barrett. “We believe this will enrich our knowledge of Triassic animals in the UK,” he said. Very little is known about triassic dinosaurs in this country. So looking for something of the era will help us to understand the situation at that time. ‘

The Natural History Museum has said that the ancient footprints will be preserved. According to them, the impressions will remain on the beach until they disappear in the current of the sea.

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