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It is not possible to prevent corona infection without coordination

Amicron, a dangerous new type of corona, is currently considered by G7 leaders to be the biggest threat to global public health. The leaders of the seven-nation bloc made the remarks in a statement on Thursday. And the United Nations says the epidemic cannot be tackled without coordination.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed concern over the inequality of the corona vaccine around the world. US President Joe Biden has also spoken to his tune.

According to a report by the AFP news agency, the G-7 leaders said that the increase in the transmission of ammonia meant that closer co-operation between the two countries was now more important than ever.

The current president of the G7 is the United Kingdom. Coalition leaders also said in a statement that they were “deeply concerned” about the rise in coronary heart disease. Coalition ministers agreed that the new situation should be seen as the biggest threat to global public health.

The statement said that the two countries need to work closely together to monitor the situation and exchange information.
The United Nations is concerned about the lack of coordination around the world

The United Nations says the epidemic cannot be tackled through uncoordinated action. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that no epidemic could be prevented in an unbalanced way. In the future, everyone will have to take more firm steps.

Antonio Guterres said everyone should move forward so that by the end of this year, 40 percent of the world’s population will be vaccinated. He told reporters in New York.

Guterres added that the World Health Organization (WHO) has set a goal of vaccinating 80 percent of the world’s population in the first half of 2022. Everyone has to take action accordingly.

98 countries of the world have not yet achieved the vaccination target. Of these, 40 countries failed to bring even 10 percent of the population under vaccination. Low-income countries have been able to vaccinate less than 4 percent of the population.
Noting that new forms of vaccine coronavirus are contributing to the threat, Guterres said it is destroying people’s health and the economy in every corner of the globe.

The coronary amicron type has recently been identified in South Africa. The country informed the WHO on November 24 about the detection of the Amicron infection. Since then, the type has been spreading rapidly in the country.
Joe Biden’s warning

For those who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, Biden fears the coming winter could lead to serious illness and even death. He warned everyone on Thursday about the dangers of corona in the winter and said, “Get vaccinated to get real protection.”

At the same time, the White House has said that the Biden administration is pushing for tickers rather than imposing sanctions.

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