Keliber’s Extraordinary General Meeting Approves Proposed Share Issues

Keliber reported that the company held an Extraordinary General Meeting today, 11 July 2022, to discuss the financing arrangement negotiated with Sibanye Stillwater Limited and to pass resolutions on two related share issues.

The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved to issue new shares to Sibanye-Stillwater, which will subscribe for shares for EUR 146 million and achieve a majority shareholding in accordance with Keliber Oy’s shareholders’ agreement.

In addition, the Extraordinary General Meeting resolved to issue new shares for subscription to all shareholders for approximately EUR 104 million. In addition to Sibanye-Stillwater, the shares can also be subscribed for by any current shareholders who are not selling their shares to Sibanye-Stillwater on the basis of the Voluntary Offer made on 30 June 2022. Finnish Minerals Group, Keliber’s second largest owner, is also preparing to participate in the share issue.

About Keliber 

Keliber is a Finnish mining and battery chemical company that aims to start the sustainable production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide, utilising its own ore, in 2024.

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