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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) China Deliveries Lift Stock 5.5% on Friday

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares closed up 5.5% on Friday, marking an end to its longest losing streak since 2021. The surge in share prices followed impressive delivery figures of China-made vehicles in April, as reported by the China Passenger Car Association.

Despite a 14.7% decrease in deliveries compared to March, Tesla managed to deliver 75,842 vehicles in April, a significant increase from the same period last year when they could only deliver 1,512 vehicles due to COVID-19 lockdowns and production challenges.

The impressive delivery figures suggest that Tesla’s production in China has bounced back from the pandemic-related setbacks and is on a steady growth trajectory.

Tesla, the electric-vehicle giant, has been facing pressure from investors since its disappointing earnings release last month. The major cause of concern has been the margin pressure, which stemmed from a series of price cuts in Q1 and Q2. However, Tesla has now taken a step to counter this issue by raising the prices of some of its models.

Recently, Tesla reversed some of the price cuts by slightly raising the prices of the Model Y and Model 3 in China, the US, Canada, and Japan. But, in a surprising move, Tesla has increased the prices of its most expensive cars – the Model X and Model S – in China by 19,000 yuan, or $2,751 each.

This move has led to speculation that Tesla is trying to place its luxury offerings further above its Model 3 and Model Y cars on the mainland. With this price hike, Tesla is hoping to shore up its margins while catering to the demands of Chinese consumers who have a strong appetite for luxury cars.

Shares of TSLA may also have been benefiting from a broader market trend that is seeing a risk-on rally after the release of positive April jobs reports. The Nasdaq, which is known for its heavy weighting of technology stocks, closed with an increase of more than 2%, while the S&P 500 index rose 1.85% at the end of the day. This indicates that investors are confident in the current economic conditions and are optimistic about the future prospects of technology companies, including Tesla.

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