The BJP is reluctant to blame the minister for the killing

Despite the demands of the opposition in India, the ruling BJP is reluctant to blame the Union Minister for the Lakhimpur riots. The party has also refused to remove Union Home Minister Ajay Mishra Tenny from the cabinet. Although not directly, the top leadership of the BJP has made the matter clear.

Top leaders of the party say that the father cannot be punished for his son’s ‘crime’. For this reason, there was no discussion about Ajay Mishra in the Union Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

On October 3, four people were killed while driving in a peaceful procession of farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The farmers alleged that the driver of a vehicle was Ashish, son of Ajay Mishra. Ashish was arrested several days after the incident under pressure from the Supreme Court. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) recently told the court that the Lakhimpur Kheri incident was not a mere accident. That was premeditated. After receiving the report, the opposition has been vocal in the parliament for two days.

In the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi proposed an adjournment to discuss the issue. Be vocal about this on Thursday. “We want talks but the government is avoiding it, arguing that the issue is under consideration,” he said. Ajay is a mixed criminal. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hiding him for political interests. ‘

The Trinamool Congress also submitted an adjournment motion on Thursday to discuss the issue in the Rajya Sabha. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Gandhi statue in the parliament building to demand Ajay’s removal.

The BJP has not agreed to sack Ajay Mishra from the cabinet due to the Uttar Pradesh elections. The Brahmin community of the state is not at all happy with Chief Minister Adityanath. But the Brahmins of the state have been strongly supporting the BJP for several years. The state and central cabinets have recently been reshuffled to bring down the standard of angry Brahmins. In this situation, if Ajay Mishra, a ‘Brahmin’, is dismissed, there may be a negative reaction in the vote.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra also taunted Prime Minister Modi yesterday, saying, “You cannot hide the fact that you are protecting a criminal in religious garb. This is proof that the government is bankrupt from a moral point of view. ‘

Earlier in the day, Ajay had misbehaved with journalists at a function in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. When questioned about the boy, he attacked a local journalist.

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