The Taliban prepared the budget without any foreign assistance

In Afghanistan, the country’s finance ministry under the Taliban government has drafted a national budget. The government is set to announce a budget for the first time in two decades under Taliban rule. News AFP.

A special feature of the Taliban government’s budget is that it was created without any foreign assistance.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, overthrowing the government of President Ashraf Ghani, backed by the United States and its allies. The war-torn country has fallen into an unprecedented crisis. The crisis has been exacerbated by the suspension and, in some cases, the suspension of financial aid to Afghanistan by various Western countries and donor agencies. Besides, the reserves of Afghanistan abroad have also been blocked.

In this situation, Afghans are spending their days in a catastrophic humanitarian situation. They are in dire need of food, medicine and other necessities. The United Nations has described the current situation in the country as “nearing famine”. Meanwhile, the Taliban government drafted the budget.

Ahmad Wali Hakmal, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s finance ministry, said the draft budget was ready. However, he did not say anything about its size. This budget will remain in effect until December next year. He told AFP that the budget would be sent to the cabinet for approval before it is announced.

In an interview on state television, spokesman Ahmad Wali said, “We are trying to finance the budget from our internal revenue. We believe we can do that. ‘His interview was also shared on Twitter.

During the Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan, the value of the country’s currency was 80 Afghanis per dollar. However, since the establishment of the Taliban government, the value of the Afghani has been declining against the dollar. Last Monday, one dollar was equal to 130 Afghanis. The situation has improved a bit and on Friday it came to 100 Afghans.

The new government’s revenue department says it has collected 2,600 crore Afghanis in revenue in the past two and a half months. They also announced the introduction of a new Islamic tax system to raise funds to help the poor and orphans.

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