The United States is preparing to deal with the Omicron

President Joe Biden has announced that the US federal government will take new steps to combat the new type of coronavirus. He said the immunization program would be strengthened and corona testing centers would be expanded. Apart from this, 50 crore rapid kits of Corona test will be provided free of cost from January.

According to Reuters, Biden has issued both warnings and assurances. He said it was a matter of concern for those who had not been vaccinated. And those who have been vaccinated will be able to get together and take part in various fun activities during the Christmas holidays, even after the omicron type has started spreading.

Many cities and states have begun to impose restrictions as coronavirus infections have increased overall, including in the United States. In this context, Biden said, this time the situation will not be like March 2020. “200 million people have taken two doses,” he told reporters at the White House. We are ready. We know more now than we did then. ‘

But at the same time, Biden has warned adults. Because, one in four people of this age did not get vaccinated. He said that these people are at high risk of going to the hospital due to coronary heart disease. Even the risk of death is high.

Meanwhile, Biden has raised the issue of former President Donald Trump taking a booster dose of Corona Ticker. “Maybe he (Trump) and I agree on a few things,” he said.

New York City is considered the coroner’s hotspot in the United States. A Popup Vaccine Clinic is being set up in the city to handle the situation. Corona’s new test center is being launched. Biden said the hospitals with the highest number of corona patients are already staffed by a thousand military doctors, nurses and health workers.

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