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TSMC expects second-quarter revenue to hit a record high of $18.2 billion

According to foreign media reports, wafer foundry TSMC released its first-quarter financial report today. As previously expected, their revenue for the quarter hit a new high, reaching $17.57 billion.

After hitting a new high in the first quarter, TSMC expects its revenue in the second quarter to hit a new high.

In the updated financial report, TSMC stated that based on the current business prospects, management expects second-quarter revenue of 17.6-18.2 billion US dollars, the gross profit margin is expected to be between 56%-58%, and the operating profit margin is expected to be 45%-47% %between.

Huang Renzhao, vice president and CFO of TSMC, said that strong demand from high-performance computing business and automotive-related businesses has boosted their performance. In the second quarter, demand from these two major businesses is expected to remain strong and offset the seasonality of the smartphone-related business. impact of change.

As far as TSMC’s expectations are concerned, their revenue in the second quarter will increase year on year. In the second quarter of last year, TSMC’s revenue was $13.29 billion, and in the first quarter of this year, it was $17.57 billion.

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