Two astronauts changed the antenna while walking in space

Two astronauts changed an antenna on the International Space Station while walking in space. They did the job after trying for about six and a half hours on Thursday.

The two astronauts who worked to replace the antenna were Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Baron, according to Reuters. NASA says the operation was carried out with some risk. Because, a week ago, Russia conducted a missile test in space. Its wreckage was in orbit.

Space travel is not new to 61-year-old Thomas Marshburn. He has walked in space four times before. He is a physician by profession. He then became a flight surgeon in two orbital journeys. However, this is the first time that a 34-year-old baron has had the experience of walking in space. He was a US Navy submarine officer. At the end of the campaign, Baron said, the experience was amazing.

The NASA mission replaces an S-band radio communication antenna. It is more than 20 years old. The newly installed antenna was on the space station. The communication complexity that was created will no longer exist as a result of the installation of new antennas.

Four people went to the space station to do the work. One of the other two is Matthias Mourar of the European Space Agency. He is a German astronaut. Another is NASA’s King Chari.

The four went there on November 11. The vehicle for them was the SpaceX Crew Dragon. It was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. But four days later, Russia test-fired a satellite-destroying missile. No warning was given about this. As a result, the mission of NASA astronauts was delayed. Then the operation was conducted yesterday.

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