Why the allegations against the parents of the student who attacked Michigan

The parents of the attacker have been charged in connection with the recent shooting death of four people at a school in the US state of Michigan. Local time on Friday, Oakland county prosecutors charged the couple with involuntary manslaughter. They claim that father James Crombley bought the gun with his son Ethan Crombley. And despite repeated warnings from school authorities about the boy’s behavior, mother Jennifer Crombley did not respond. News AFP.

Four students were killed in a gun attack at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan, on Tuesday, local time. They are between 14 and 18 years old. One teacher and six others were injured in the incident. A police statement later said Ethan Crombley, a 15-year-old student, was detained after the attack. A gun was also seized from him.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen MacDonald said Friday that four murder charges have been filed against Ethan Crumble’s parents, Jennifer and James Crumble. This is a rare step taken by law enforcement against the attacker’s parents, AFP reports.

McDonald’s said in a statement that the allegations were made “to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy.” On November 30, only one person entered the school and fired. However, other people have also played a role in this incident. And I want to hold them accountable. ‘

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Ethan’s parents were not immediately available for comment. They are being considered fugitives. “We will be able to bring them to safety soon,” he added. They will not be able to avoid their role in this incident. ‘

Ethan has already been charged with murder and terrorism.

In the United States, teenage students often carry guns, but these are not uncommon cases against their parents.
Why the allegations against Ethan’s parents

Ethan’s father, James Crumble, recently bought a 9mm Sig Sawer semi-automatic firearm. And four days later, Ethan launched an attack using that weapon. James bought the handgun from a local gun shop. The boy was with him then. Ethan later posted a picture of the firearm on his Instagram account. There he wrote, “I just found this new beautiful thing.”

Police say Ethan recorded a video on his cell phone the night before the attack. There he said he planned to carry out a gun attack on the school the next day. However, the video was not released online.
On the same day, Ethan’s teachers noticed that Ethan was using the Internet on his cell phone to try to get acquainted with the shots. The teachers informed the school authorities. School authorities contacted Ethan’s mother, Jennifer Crumble, by voice mail and e-mail, but Jennifer did not respond.
According to McDonald’s, Jennifer Crombley sent a text message to her son that day. There he wrote, ‘I am not angry with you. You have to learn how not to get caught. ‘

Ethan’s parents were also called to the school on the day of the attack. They were called after finding suspicious notes on the student’s desk. Ethan wrote a picture of the gun on a piece of paper, “I can’t get it off my head. Help me. ‘He also drew a picture of a man with a bullet. It read, “My life is meaningless” and “This world is dead.”

The pictures were shown to Ethan’s parents at school. She was asked to arrange counseling for the child within 48 hours. However, Ethan’s parents did not agree to take the child home with them. He was sent back to class. Then Ethan entered the bathroom and took out the firearm hidden in the bag. Then he went out and started firing.

Upon hearing the news, Jennifer sent a message to her child: “Ethan, don’t do that.”

And James Crumbley’s father got the news and went home to find the gun missing. Then he did emergency services

He informed about this by calling the department 911.

Under U.S. law, those convicted of involuntary manslaughter could face up to 15 years in prison. . .

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